Diploma expert (postgraduate)

AMI Montessori Orientation 6-12

5th Edition
Code: 23X057
Category: Diploma expert (postgraduate)
Language: English
Start date: 12/04/2024
End date: 11/05/2024
6 ECTS / 60 hours of videoconferencing
Day and Time:

Friday and Saturday from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Spanish time).

Class recording: Yes
Location: By videoconference with the ZOOM program
Places available: 60

Reasons for doing the course

  • For adults who work in or intend to work in a Montessori 6-12 classroom as assistants to a Montessori guide, the course will provide them with the basics for carrying out their work, providing them with accreditation from the International Montessori Association (AMI).
  • Professionals who work with or intend to work with boys and girls in the 6-12 age group will find out what it is generally like to work in a Montessori classroom for this age group.
  • The course is also aimed at professionals in education and humanities, students, managers of educational centres and parents in general as a way of learning about the theoretical foundations of the Montessori approach and fostering the development of the human being.

Who the course is for

Graduates or professionals in the field of education (teachers, psychologists, pedagogues) who wish to learn the basics of Montessori pedagogy at the primary education level and who are interested in working as assistants to a Montessori guide at this educational stage. It is also recommended for school administrative staff, students and families interested in learning more about Montessori pedagogy for boys and girls in the 6-12 age group.

Entry requirements

Holders of university degrees in education sciences, pedagogy, psychology or related subjects. The course is also open to applicants without a university degree. Students in this category will not be entitled to obtain a postgraduate certificate but will receive the International Montessori Association Diploma and a certificate of attendance issued by the Fundació UdG: Innovació i Formació.


The course is scheduled to take place over five weekends during the months of April and May 2024. This is a 60-hour course taught online through the Zoom platform. It includes at least nine hours of observation. The course is aimed at training Montessori workshop-classroom assistants for the 6-12 age group. The course programme is also specially designed to enable professionals and parents to delve deeper into Maria Montessori’s pedagogical principles and the characteristics of her educational approach for children in primary education.


  • To train adults to work as Montessori teacher assistants in a workshop-classroom for the 6-12 age group. To establish the psychological and pedagogical foundations to promote full development in primary education.
  • To become familiar with the characteristics of the stages of development of human beings and their characteristics for self-development. To analyse the role of adults in child development (parents, guides, assistants, etc.).
  • To introduce students to the role and application of human needs and trends in development. To analyse the child’s independence process and the techniques to mentor their development. To analyse the combination of freedom and discipline, and techniques to foster their development.
  • To introduce the different areas of the school curriculum and its interdisciplinary approach. To become familiar with the prepared environment and its importance.
  • To describe the main tasks of a workshop assistant.
  • To practice skills and techniques to help manage a Montessori classroom for the 6-12 age group. To practice observation techniques.
  • To practice skills and techniques related to music, art, clothing and preparation of teaching materials. To present activities to foster the social cohesion of the group.

Professional outings

The Montessori Assistant Certificate (6-12) is recognised by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and qualifies the holder to be an assistant in any Montessori school in the world.

The certificate is also beneficial for those who wish to work in any field related to education, pedagogy and psychology.